Devon and Mitchell Amend Merger Agreement

Devon Energy Corporation and Mitchell Energy & Development Corp. announced that they expect to amend their merger agreement shortly and are fully committed to completion of the merger. The amendment would eliminate the risk that Devon's stock price would prevent the issuance of certain tax opinions that are a condition to the transaction. The proposed amendment would have no effect on the economics of the transaction to the companies and their shareholders.

Under the existing merger agreement, Mitchell is to merge with a subsidiary of Devon. The transaction is designed to be tax-free except to the extent that Mitchell's shareholders receive cash. Consequently, a condition to closing is that each party receive tax opinions to that effect. The recent decline in Devon's stock price has created doubt as to whether those opinions could be obtained at closing.

The amended agreement would require the parties to complete the transaction as it is now structured if the tax opinions are available. However, in the event that the opinions are not available under that structure, the parties would effect the transaction by creating a new holding company. Through mergers, Devon and Mitchell would become subsidiaries of the new company. In those mergers, Devon's shareholders would exchange each of their Devon shares for one share of the new holding company. As with the original structure, Mitchell's shareholders would exchange each of their Mitchell shares for .585 shares of the new holding company and $31 in cash. The board of directors of the new holding company would consist of the current Devon board of directors and Todd Mitchell. Mr. Mitchell is the son of George P. Mitchell, Chairman and CEO of Mitchell.

If the new holding company structure is employed, the transaction is expected to be tax-free, except to the extent Mitchell's shareholders receive cash. Any necessary opinions are expected to be obtainable, regardless of Devon's stock price. If this structure is employed, the new holding company would guarantee the obligations of Devon Financing Corporation, U.L.C.'s recently proposed private placement of up to $3 billion in senior notes.

Devon and Mitchell do not expect the proposed amendment to delay the closing. The companies expect to close the merger during the fourth quarter of 2001.