Mauritania Drilling Program Underway

Woodside expects the West Navigator to arrive offshore Mauritania today. The West Navigator is the first of two deep-water drilling rigs that will work in tandem on the 2004-05 drilling program, previously announced.

The West Navigator is expected to begin drilling activities on September 11th. The second drill rig to be used in this campaign, the Stena Tay, is expected arrive around September 15, 2004. The presence of the two rigs allows for "batch drilling" of wells whereby one rig performs the same operation on a number of wells in sequence rather than drilling a single well from top to bottom. The West Navigator will drill the "top hole" sections of a number of exploration and appraisal wells. Following completion of the "top holes", the wells will be temporarily suspended before the drilling of the "bottom hole" target sections by the Stena Tay. This tandem drilling arrangement utilizing the two rigs will achieve increased efficiency during the campaign.

The West Navigator will commence "top hole" drilling of the exploration wells Dorade, Capitaine, Tevet, and the Tiof-A appraisal well. After completing the batch drilling of the "top holes", the West Navigator will move to completely drill the Tiof-3 appraisal well on the Tiof discovery. This well is currently planned to be completed and flow tested.

The Stena Tay will commence its drilling activities with a development well on the Chinguetti field in PSC Area B, followed by the "bottom holes" on the wells commenced by the West Navigator."