SCS Completes Core Sample Acquisition

SCS Corporation has completed acquisition of the core samples from the Geochemical Work Program offshore West Africa announced earlier this summer.

When asked about the core acquisitions, the onboard representative of SCS, Mr. Steve McDonald stated, "In addition to the 47 planned coring locations, we took 10 additional cores at various locations to insure we obtained the hydrocarbon signatures we expect to find."

At the end of last week, all 57 core samples were hand-delivered to TDI-Brooks International's laboratory at College Station, Texas to begin the geochemical analysis processing.

Mr. Robert Bearnth, EVP of Geology, said, "The results of the geochemical analysis over the coming weeks will give us additional corroborating evidence. This new critical information will help us continue to build our geological and geophysical model and guide our expected 3D seismic program in the near future."