CGG Launches Anisotropic Siesmic Data Processing Service

CGG announces the launch of A+ processing, the first fully anisotropic seismic data processing service to exploit the Earth's anisotropy in order to deliver a sharper, more focused image of the reservoir and give greater insight into the Earth's properties, was given an enthusiastic reception at the recent SEG Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

By taking advantage of the natural phenomenon of anisotropy, instead of trying to get round it, A+ processing represents the most practical way to go beyond the assumptions of standard processing. Conventional operators based only on effective velocity (VRMS) are not able to properly focus the image. Adding anellipticity to processing operators, using the effective anellipticity of the media, is the key to the success of A+ processing.

A+ offers fast, accurate imaging for added insight, added confidence and added value. According to Guillaume Cambois, executive vice president of CGG's data processing and reservoir services, "Our launch of A+ heralds yet another technical innovation by CGG in its mission, as industry leader, to provide best-in-class data processing and reservoir services. It follows in the wake of the launch of 4Sight, our integrated offering of 4D data processing and reservoir services, the port of our data processing software, Geocluster, to Linux clusters and our success as the sole provider of on-site 4D processing centers."