Mustang Wins Engineering Contract from Amerada Hess

Mustang Engineering has been selected by Amerada Hess Equatorial Guinea, Inc. to perform detailed engineering design and procurement assistance for its Northern Block G (NBG) Development project offshore Equatorial Guinea, which includes the development of four reservoir areas. Mustang will design four fixed platforms in the Elon reservoir area, including the central processing facility, where total NBG field production will be gathered, plus three additional well protector platforms. The platforms will be located in approximately 200 feet of water. Detailed engineering is expected to be complete by mid-2005, with ongoing technical support by Mustang continuing through December 2005.

This project adds to Mustang's resume of projects performed in Equatorial Guinea, which include an FPSO, a fixed platform and an onshore gas facilities expansion project. The Elon project also adds to Mustang's resume of work for Amerada Hess across other industry sectors; Mustang has performed numerous downstream and automation projects for Amerada Hess.