JRC Achieves Seven-Year Safety Success

Halliburton Energy Services recently reached a major safety milestone. The company's Jet Research Center (JRC) group in Aberdeen, Scotland, completed a seven-year operational period without a lost-time incident. JRC provides a range of specialized explosive services to the oil and gas industry, ranging from pipe recovery operations to major platform removal and subsea salvage operations. Halliburton Energy Services is a business unit of Halliburton.

"For years, Halliburton employees worldwide have been implementing programs designed to move beyond a compliance-oriented approach to fully integrate health, safety, and environmental concerns into the business strategies. Proof of that commitment is evident at the JRC facility," said Jody Powers, president, Halliburton Energy Services.

The JRC Aberdeen Dee facility is an explosives services base operating within the Logging & Perforating product service line of Halliburton Energy Services. More than a dozen employees provide a variety of services including designing, building, and implementing specially-designed explosive devices for the oilfield such as shaped charge perforators, RF-protected detonators, tubing and casing cutters, severing tools, and platform-removal charges. The facility provides services to operators in the North Sea, as well as in China, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Nigeria, South Africa, Taiwan, Australia, Falkland Islands, and Holland.

"This is a major achievement and demonstrates our continuous commitment to safety," said Mike Freak, business segment manager, JRC Aberdeen. "Because of the nature of our business, safety is always our first priority. Each and every one of our employees is to be congratulated for their positive contribution that helped enable us to reach this milestone."

Halliburton and JRC credit the safety achievement to the creation and implementation of various safety programs, which promote shared responsibility and mutual respect in the workplace.