Drilling has Begun on Golden Opportunity's Black Tiger Well

Golden Opportunity's president, William S. Morton, reports that drilling has commenced on the first of 12 wells to be drilled with partner Big Snowy Resources in the Tyler formation located in Musselshell County, Montana.

Big Snowy reported to the company that the drilling began on Saturday, August 28th. The hole is set to be drilled to an approximate depth of 3,000 feet and is expected to take 10-14 days to complete.

President Morton states: "After a small initial delay in drilling, due to permitting requirements, we are extremely excited to have commenced the program. Information on the well will be provided as soon as it becomes available."

The Black Tiger project is located within the south central portion of the Central Montana Uplift, approximately 60 miles north of Billings in T10N, R25E of Musselshell County, Montana. Structurally, the field lies on the southeastern plunging nose of the huge Devil's Basin anticline and just seven miles west of the original Tyler discovery in the Big Wall Oil Field.

Since the Texas Company Tyler discovery at Big Wall on April 4, 1948, over 110 million barrels of Tyler oil have been produced in the Tyler Fairway within 50 miles of the Black Tiger prospect. The Black Tiger is in the heart of the Tyler depositional fairway and is approximately seven miles southeast of the Winnett Junction Oil field, which has produced over 30,000 barrels of sweet Tyler oil.

Upper & lower Tyler alluvial point bar, deltaic distributary and delta fringe sands have been deposited in substantial quantities throughout the prospect area.

The Black Tiger is also located along the structural axis of the Devil's Basin Anticline. It is believed that the zone of most severe fracturing of an anticlinal fold should occur along its axis. This zone of fracturing appears to be responsible for secondary porosity developed in the Lower Health Limestone (source bed for the Tyler oil), which forms one of the reservoirs that are producing immediately adjacent to the Black Tiger prospect.

The Tyler channel system is the primary target of this prospect. There is ample evidence of significant Tyler deposition in this area. Tyler oil has been produced in the Thomas No. 1, No. 15-1 and No. 15-2 in section 15 of the Black Tiger prospect.

Since the sands of the Tyler are a shoestring geometry of fluvial meander belt to deltaic deposition, productive sands thin and shale out in very short distances. But history within the Tyler depositional area has proved, without a doubt, that if a Tyler sand with shows of oil are present, a productive Tyler field is close by.
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