Gas Leak on Jotun A Field Export Pipeline Stopped

Friday morning August 20, a leak in the gas pipeline linking the Jotun field in the North Sea with Gassled's Statpipe system between the Draupner S riser platform and Heimdal was detected. Gas deliveries into the pipeline system were immediately halted, and the production on the Jotun field was shut down.

A specialized vessel with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) was mobilized and succeeded finding the location of the leak. Early Sunday morning two subsea valves between the leak site and the rest of the pipeline system were shut in by means of the ROV. The 155-kilometer Gassled line between Draupner S and Heimdal is now back to normal operation, and the Jotun production returned to normal on Saturday evening. The site of the leak will be monitored.

Gassco is operator for Gassled's pipelines, and Statoil is responsible for the technical operation of the pipeline systems. Esso has had a close cooperation with both companies after the leak was detected, and all relevant authorities have been notified. There have been no injuries to people during this situation. Work is now in progress to find out the reason for the leak, and to repair the damage to the pipeline.