DNO Brings New Production Wells on Stream at Glitne Field

New production wells put on stream on the Glitne Field in the North Sea and the Sharyoof Field in Yemen have contributed to an increase of the oil production to DNO. DNO's oil production averaged at close to 15,000 BOPD during the last week of August.

Drilling of a new production well on Glitne commenced in April this year and the well was hooked up last week. With the new production well on stream the oil production from the Field has increased to above 25,000 BOPD (2,500 BOPD net to DNO).

On the Sharyoof Field in Yemen the second of two new production wells came on stream last week. This has increased the production from Sharyoof to about 20,000 BOPD (5,100 BOPD net to DNO). New pumps are currently being installed in two other wells, which could further increase the production from Sharyoof.