Shell Technology Ventures Invests in Paulsson Geophysical

Shell Technology Ventures, Inc. has closed a substantial investment in Paulsson Geophysical Services Inc. The investment will be used to accelerate the growth of the commercial market for the next generation 3D borehole seismic technology and Massive 3D VSPĀ® services, developed and introduced by P/GSI over the last 6 years.

Besides high resolution imaging of oil and gas reservoirs Paulsson's technology is also used for earthquake monitoring and aquifer mapping and monitoring. P/GSI's past projects include projects for a number of the major oil companies in the US and overseas. P/GSI has also recently received funding from U.S. Department of Energy for mapping of Methane Hydrates on the North Slope of Alaska as well as monitoring of the injection of green house gases into geological formations.

P/GSI is a privately held, technologically oriented oil industry seismic service provider, leading the industry in providing high-resolution reservoir images using proprietary borehole seismic instruments to improve the recovery of oil and gas in domestic and overseas oil and gas fields. P/GSI is also providing state-of-the-art multi-component data processing as well as prestack depth migration on data recorded.
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 - Shell Technology Ventures Invests in Paulsson Geophysical (Aug 23)