Halliburton Selected for ChevronTexaco WellDECC Project

Halliburton announced at the 2004 Offshore Northern Seas Conference (ONS) that ChevronTexaco has expanded its relationship with the company for drilling operations in North America. Halliburton was selected as vendor of choice for ChevronTexaco's WellDECC (Well Design & Execution Collaboration Center).

This state-of-the-art technology is initially targeted to help ChevronTexaco manage and optimize all well construction activities in the Gulf of Mexico Deepwater and the Deep Gas Trend on the Shelf. A key component is the provision of broad service support to ensure that ChevronTexaco E&P specialists are able to extract maximum value from this technology investment. Also included will be a broad range of Halliburton and Landmark technology that will support ChevronTexaco's exploration and development activities.

"The WellDECC is a joint effort between ChevronTexaco and Halliburton that brings together our drilling, exploration and development teams to enable workflow improvements and well planning processes," said Ray Wilcox, President ChevronTexaco Exploration and Production Company. "The WellDECC is a key piece of our real-time operations strategy, vital to well planning, execution optimization and improving collaboration between earth scientists, reservoir specialists and drilling engineers."

"Real-time enablement in drilling and production is one of the main technology and process growth opportunities for the energy industry," said Dave Lesar, chairman, president and chief executive officer, Halliburton. "We are excited to continue our long-standing global relationship with ChevronTexaco in the development and implementation of new technologies that will help sustain this industry."

Because so much of the value added during the operations process is driven by the initial decisions made before the well is drilled, a major focus of the real time operations center (RTOC) process is to provide a seamless role in the full gamut of the company's well construction activity. Consequently, the RTOC and staff continue to add value and improve multi-disciplinary decisions by managing and analyzing surface and subsurface data from the planning stage through to the final review of "lessons learned" for all monitored wells.

Drilling optimization specialists from Sperry-Sun and application and workflow specialists from Landmark Graphics Corporation, a wholly-owned business unit of Halliburton, will work alongside ChevronTexaco project engineers in planning and monitoring activity on their drilling rigs. Several key collaboration technologies have been implemented within the RTOC including Halliburton's data acquisition, communications and solutions-based application platform, as well as Landmark's PC-based three-dimensional subsurface visualization tool. These tools enable engineers and geoscientists on ChevronTexaco asset teams to collectively visualize, analyze and interpret seismic, MWD/LWD and drilling operational data in real-time. The 3D visualization of real-time data together with the earth model enables the asset team to drill more effectively, safer and at lower costs.