Harriet Joint Venture Spuds Bambra-6 Development Well

Tap Oil reports that the drilling of the Bambra-5H well is now completed and Bambra-6 was spudded on August 23, 2004.

The Bambra-6 well which is located in TL/1, is being drilled as a production well from the Harriet Bravo Platform to connect up with the Bambra-5H well.

The Bambra-6 well is currently drilling ahead and is expected to take around 18 days to complete.

Bambra-5H has been completed with dual horizontal production sections into the Bambra oil and gas field reservoir. The Bambra-6 well is being drilled from the Harriet Bravo Platform and is designed to connect up with the Bambra-5H resulting in one combined well path (instead of a sea floor pipeline) connecting the Bambra Field with the Harriet gathering facilities. It is expected that the well will be brought into production from the Bravo Platform by mid November.

Harriet Joint Venture Participants are Apache as operator with 68.50%; Tap Oil with 12.2229% and Kufpec Australia with 17.2771%.