Texen Oil & Gas Completes Rework of Brookshire Property

Texen Oil and Gas has successfully completed the initial rework phase for the Brookshire Property, as part of its ongoing focus to increase production from its existing field operations. The company has completed two of the five scheduled workovers on the Brookshire property, the Dachshund #10 and Dachshund #11.

The Dachshund #10 has delivered an initial increase in crude production from 27 barrels per day to approximately 56 barrels per day and has tapered off to average approximately 40 barrels per day. The rework of number 11 included a repreforation of a new zone, which we are waiting on flow rates. The company has moved the rig to the Dachshund #7 to begin the next scheduled workover on the Brookshire property.

The company was able to complete the reworks using its own equipment and has not assumed significant debt as a result of these efforts.