PSL Energy Services Wins Australian Pipeline Contract

PSL Energy Services has secured their first major Australian pipeline contract.

The Aberdeen company has been commissioned by Multiplex Saipem to carry out flooding, cleaning and gauging work on the $2.5 billion Bayu-Darwin project in northern Australia.

PSL won the contract against stiff competition because of their innovative technology. Their successful submission involved using a specially designed pontoon, which will be used to deploy three state-of-the-art electrical submersible pumps, which will be used to pump water to a filtration system prior to its injection in to the pipeline.

The Bayu-Darwin project, believed to be one of the biggest trunk line operations ever undertaken in Australia, will carry gas from the Timor Sea, 500km offshore, to an LNG facility at Wickham Point, Darwin.

PSL's managing director, Doug Duguid, said the contract win - worth a six-figure sum - was an important step towards securing more work in the expanding Asian pipeline market.

Mr. Duguid said: "This is our first major pipeline job in Australia and is key in terms of establishing a long term pipeline business in the Asia/Pacific region.

"We believe securing this work and executing it successfully will be a platform for winning other business of a similar type in Asia where the pipeline market is growing substantially and a whole number of trunk line projects are due to commence in the next three to five years.

"It is significant because it establishes PSL as a major player in the pipeline business in Asia and the contract was won against stiff competition. A key part of our submission was the use of innovative technology, which was a consequence of our local knowledge in Australia, and again underlines the value of investing in regional offices such as Singapore."

PSL said their ability to pull in local knowledge from their Australian and Singapore-based staff, and to employ innovative methods in a technically challenging environment were recognized as key differentiators by Multiplex Saipem.

Mr. Duguid added: "This new contract is a direct result of our strategy of investing in regional offices such as Singapore, which allows us to be closer to key markets and more responsive to existing and potential new clients."