United Heritage Gets Good Results from Nitrogen Injection

United Heritage Corporation announced results from the nitrogen injection process at its Wardlaw Field located in Edwards County, Texas. After testing, wells that have been placed into full production averaged approximately 3 BOPD increase versus the production level prior to the nitrogen injection project. Wells are experiencing pressures of approximately 20 psi. More wells will be put on full production as pressure increases sufficiently.

Walter G. Mize, Chairman and CEO of United Heritage Corporation said, "Based upon the promising results to date, we have elected to increase the number of wells that we are testing. These early results give us confidence that we may be able to unlock the tremendous promise of these properties."

The total surface area in the pilot project encompasses approximately 202 acres. Approximately 90 acres have experienced an increase in bottom hole pressure. A total of 32 wells have been equipped for production with either submersible pumps or progressive cavity pumps. A total of 4 wells have been equipped for injection. Pressures on the injection wells are between 25 psi and 40 psi. Injection will continue in these areas in an effort to increase reservoir pressure to a goal of 60 psi. The Company has begun to see pressure begin to build off the structural highs.

Production tests on the majority of the low pressure wells will continue in an effort to obtain information about the capabilities of the different down hole pumps the Company is using and how the wells respond to different pressures. It is expected that this testing process will continue for an additional 60 to 90 days. This is an important part of the pilot project because the information obtained will be used for staging wells into full production and further development of the entire productive acreage in the future.