Dockwise Completes Two Shipments for Kristin Field

Dockwise Shipping has completed two shipments of Statoil's Floating Production Platform for the Kristin gas and condensate field in the Norwegian Sea.

Dockwise was awarded two contracts for the transportation of a Riser Balcony, a Flare Tower and the FPU hull of Statoil's Kristin platform to be delivered at the Aker Stord yard for completion.

First the heavy transport vessel Tern transported the Kristin Riser Balcony and Flare Tower, constructed at the yard of Dragados Offshore in Spain, to the integration site in Stord, Norway. The modules were first loaded on a barge and subsequently the Tern loaded the barge with modules, after which the Tern piggy-backed her cargo to Norway. Before the loaded barge could be floated on board of the Tern, a custom made seafastening arrangement was developed and extensive engineering checks were performed by Dockwise engineers. The total weight of the cargo was 9,428 tons. The length of the barge was 100 m by 37 m width.

The second transport was performed by the Mighty Servant 1. The 14,620 tons hull of Statoil's Kristin platform was loaded at the construction yard of Samsung Heavy Industries in Koje, South Korea. The FPU hull measures a length 81.92 m, a width of 88.32 m and a height of 41 m.

According to Marc Beerendonk, Senior Project Engineer of Dockwise Shipping in Breda: "The engineering scope for this project was quite extensive. As the Kristin hull was constructed on the quayside, the hull first had to be skidded from the quay on deck of the Mighty Servant 1. Because of the shallow waterdepth in front of the quayside, the Mighty Servant 1 was the only vessel capable to perform this load-out at 7.5 m draft. As the hull could not be transported on the skidbeams, the Mighty Servant 1 submerged offshore and the hull was floated off. Subsequently new deck lay-out was prepared for the ocean going voyage, after which the Kristin hull could be loaded again in the final diagonal setting, for its final journey to Norway".

After a 44-day voyage of 11,115 n.m. via the Suez Canal, the Mighty Servant 1 delivered the Kristin FPU hull at the Aker Stord yard south of Bergen, Norway.