Tri-Valley Steps Up Acquisitions

Tri-Valley Corporation has retained Larry Jones, Esq., as a full-time deal review consultant for its stepped up search for acquisitions. Mr. Jones received his geology degree from the College of William and Mary and a geology geophysical masters of science from the University of Chicago. He was exploration manager for Chambers Exploration, Inc., of Houston, Texas. He received an MBA from the University of Texas and his Juris Doctor from South Texas College of Law in Houston where he established his law practice. Mr. Jones has relocated to Tri-Valley's offices which have been expanded to support the due diligence effort.

This effort runs in tandem with the Company's large target, high impact exploration drilling program designed to achieve exceptional gains on discovery success. Seeking to drill a total of 26 large target prospects, the program focuses mainly on the region around its Bakersfield, California headquarters, an area that produces more than three times as much oil per day as the entire State of Oklahoma. The program also includes three wildcat wells in lightly explored Nevada with targets on trend with former prolific production in the isolated Railroad Valley some 50 miles southwest of Ely.

Tri-Valley Corporation is an American Stock Exchange listed company also with a large Alaska gold exploration project, which it plans to spin off into a new, standalone company. Tri-Valley is now reviewing petroleum and other projects for acquisition it feels would rapidly grow the company and its stock value.