Specialty Diving & OASES Offshore To Build Multi-Service Jack-Up

OASES Offshore, Inc. of Covington, Louisiana and Specialty Diving, Inc. of Hammond, Louisiana have entered into a Letter of Intent to jointly build and operate the next generation of all-purpose, self-elevating, self-propelled service vessels for operation in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. The vessel will be the largest of its type with the most technologically advanced capabilities and features. During phase one of construction, OASES Offshore will provide design, procurement, and shipyard supervision while Specialty Diving will provide marketing and operational expertise.

The OASES/Specialty vessel hull will measure 140 feet by 185 feet and 18 feet in depth. The open deck will be the largest of any self-propelled jack-up with approximately eighteen thousand square feet. The vessel can work in approximately 210 feet of water with greater depths on site-specific locations. It can elevate itself while carrying 1,000 tons on its deck and fully loaded with consumables such as fuel and water via its heavy-duty two speed electric jacking system. A unique crane design allows for 360 degree unobstructed operation around the vessel's leg with a capacity of 300 tons at a 100 foot radius. Additionally, the vessel will have two seventy-ton service cranes. There will be quarters for seventy personnel and crew. The vessel is designed to accommodate up to 200 personnel with auxiliary quarters. The vessel will have an operational endurance of approximately thirty-five days without re-supply. It will also meet the most stringent requirements of the U.S.C.G. and the American Bureau of Shipping M.O.D.U. code and S.O.L.A.S.

A unique feature of the vessel will be the introduction of a Rig Kit. This will allow the vessel to operate as a well workover or drilling rig when not in the construction/service mode. The Rig Kit can be cantilevered from the vessel or can be placed on the offshore platform as the vessel provides tender assist. According to OASES Offshore's Chairman, Ronald Sanders, "the Rig Kit in combination with the OASES/Specialty vessel will provide an economical, efficient method to customers for their workover and shallow water drilling needs."

The vessel will provide a full array of services while in the construction/service mode to the shallow water market. Among some of the services provided will be construction, pipe laying, diving support, and coiled tubing operations. "We have long looked at the potential for such a vessel here in the Gulf of Mexico. Our customers have asked for such a vessel and we are pleased to say that we can provide it. This will dramatically expand our offshore capabilities for our current customers. We believe with the introduction of the OASES/Specialty vessel we can expand our customer base. There will be no other jack-up with these capabilities operating in the Gulf of Mexico," said John Fortner, Marine Manager of Specialty Diving. Operations of the vessel will be conducted through Specialty's Hammond, Louisiana office in conjunction with OASES personnel.