Statfjord C Sets Record

The Statfjord C platform in the North Sea has, as of September 17, produced for 231 days without a stop. This is a new record on the Norwegian continental shelf. The Statfjord A platform held the old record for production regularity. It was set on May 17, 2000, when the platform had produced continuously for 228 days.

Olav Haland, operations manager for Statfjord C, is pleased with this regularity but wants to give particular mention to the results attained within health, safety and the environment: "We have 290 days behind us without any serious personal injuries," he says. "In addition, 2001 so far has shown a good trend with regard to gas leakages." Mr Haland praises the production organization for the good results. Personnel have a clear picture of the goals and they do what they can to achieve them, he believes. Statfjord C currently processes about 208,000 barrels of oil per day. Of this amount, roughly 82,000 barrels are the Statfjord license's entitlement crude, while 126,000 barrels come from the Sygna, Statfjord North and Statfjord East fields.