Duffy & McGovern Wins Schlumberger Work in Mexico

Duffy and McGovern Accommodation Services has been awarded a $60,000 (£33,000) contract to provide three customized, Zone II engineering cabins to Schlumberger for use on projects in Mexico for the next six months.

Three 20x8 foot cabins have been customized for use as Zone II, A60 IMO fire class, fire-test-procedure (FTP) compliant technician cabins with fully integrated fire detection, full pressurization and an air-conditioning system suitable for use in Mexico's hotter climate.

DMAS has developed a strong customer-base due to its superior quality products, safety, reliability, and global footprint which assures timely delivery and support for its customers. DMAS also has a vast fleet of existing cabins, which can be quickly customized for different customer needs, such as the additional climate control needed by Schlumberger in Mexico.

"Duffy & McGovern designs its offshore cabins to provide comfort in extreme conditions, worldwide" said Craig Russell, Commercial Director for Duffy & McGovern. "We have found that personnel comfort is equally as important as functionality in offshore cabins; both of which are very important to our clients as well."

The six-month contract with Schlumberger is utilization-based, with an option to extend at the end of the six month period.