Norway's PSA Grants Approval for Statoil Work on Sleipner

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has granted Statoil ASA its consent to use Sleipner Vest precompression and the Alfa Nord facilities on Sleipner T / Sleipner A.

Sleipner Vest is developed with two installations; the wellhead platform Sleipner B and the gas treatment platform Sleipner T, which is geographically situated on Sleipner Øst with a gangway connection to Sleipner A

Sleipner Øst consists of the installations Sleipner A (integrated drilling, production and living quarters platform), a riser platform and a flare stack.

The Alfa Nord development (Sleipner Vest) consists of a subsea template with four wells, a trenched and isolated 16" pipeline and modifications on Sleipner T to enable it to receive the Alfa Nord wellstream.

Alfa Nord is controlled from Sleipner A via a trenched umbilical between Sleipner A and the Alfa Nord template.

A new precompressor will replace one of the export compressors on Sleipner T and the existing export cooler will be replaced by two compact precompression aftercoolers.

The consent was granted on July 22, 2004.