Geoservices' EMROD Tool Saves Rig Time in China

Geoservices' EMROD (Electro-Magnetic Read Out Data) tool has received high praise from China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) for both its accuracy and the rig time it has saved them during well testing operations. In May 2004, results from the EMROD during DST operations from a semi-submersible on two zones in CNOOC's HZ26-3-1 well in the South China Sea enabled the operator to save 44 hours of rig time by allowing modifications to the testing program. This broke the previous record of 37 hours of rig time that the tool saved on a similar operation on the W11-1-2 well in October, 2003. The EMROD sends accurate downhole pressure and temperature data to surface via electromagnetic waves, thereby avoiding the need to recover gauges. The operations were carried out by China France Bohai Geoservices Co. Ltd, a joint-venture company established in 1983 and now held equally between Geoservices S.A. and China Oilfield Services Ltd.