Fire on Grane Platform Under Control

A fire broke out Saturday morning, July 31, 2004, in electrical equipment on the Grane oil platform. The blaze was quickly extinguished and the situation brought under control. No one was injured.

Production was immediately stopped and the crew assembled at lifeboat stations according to procedure. The situation on the platform is now normal and Hydro has begun an inspection of electrical systems. Production is expected to be at a normal level within a short time.

The Grane field is developed with an integrated living, process and drilling platform on a steel jacket. The platform started production in September 2003. Natural gas is injected into the reservoir to boost oil recovery. The gas is transported via the Heimadal platform, while the oil is sent through its own pipeline to the Sture terminal near Bergen. The field is located in Block 25/11, approximately 185 km northwest of Stavanger.

License holders are Norsk Hydro as operator with 38.00%; Petoro with 30.00%; ExxonMobil with 25.60%; and ConocoPhillips wit the remaining 6.40%.