J. Ray McDermott Awarded Additional Saudi Aramco Project

J. Ray McDermott reports that two of its subsidiaries have been awarded additional work by Saudi Aramco to fabricate, transport and install offshore production facilities. This work is expected to take up to 18 months to complete.

"The project is part of the Maintain Potential program that Saudi Aramco has developed over the last 20 years," said Bob Deason, president and chief operating officer for J. Ray McDermott. "J. Ray has a long history with Saudi Aramco and we are pleased to be working together again in the region where we have previously carried out numerous projects."

The 2004 Maintain Potential project comprises two new jackets, four production decks, four rigid and three flexible pipelines, along with three submarine cables and anode sleds.

J. Ray's Jebel Ali facility will fabricate the steel jackets and decks. The work will begin on these structures later this year. The decks weigh approximately 440 short tons each and, combined with the weight of the jackets, the total tonnage is estimated at around 5,200 short tons.

Saudi Aramco's fields are located off the east coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in waters 60-167 feet deep. J. Ray's offshore activities will include the transportation and installation of the jackets and decks along with seven pipelines over 15 miles in length. J. Ray's DB27 derrick barge will sail to Saudi waters to install the facilities in 2005. In addition the scope also includes the transportation and installation of three submarine power cables totaling 9 miles in length.