Landmark Announces Enhancements to Stratamodel 3-D Modeler

Landmark Graphics Corp., a wholly owned business unit of Halliburton Company announced StrataMap Framework Builder, a 3-D geological stratigraphic framework building and editing application. An integrated third-party component, StrataMap is tightly embedded into the Stratamodel(TM) 3-D geocellular modeling application.

"This is a major benefit to our Stratamodel 3-D modeling user community and will provide them with faster workflows and enhanced analysis capabilities," said John Gibson, president and CEO of Landmark. "With StrataMap, our customers will have more rapid model-building and updating capabilities for characterizing their oil and gas reservoirs."

StrataMap will significantly reduce faulted 3-D model-building time with dynamically linked 2-D views for quality control and fast editing of surfaces and faults. The new, improved StrataMap application will be marketed with a two-tier structure, StrataMap for general surface editing and StrataMap Framework Builder for building complex faulted 3-D framework models as well as editing for Stratamodel applications.

Seamlessly linked and embedded into the Stratamodel application, StrataMap provides automated tools to detect fault and surface relationships, automatically extends fault and surface grids and determines the relationships between surfaces and faults. Another benefit to Stratamodel users is that StrataMap provides automated tools for defining and generating geologically and topologically correct geo-frameworks crucial for rapid model building and updating in characterizing oil and gas reservoirs. These automatic procedures will drastically reduce the learning time required as well as the time spent building most models.

StrataMap was developed specifically for use in the Stratamodel environment by Geophysical Techniques Inc., which has been working as a third-party software provider to Landmark for many years. The last few years, GTI has focused on development of several proprietary techniques for facilitating the building of geological frameworks appropriate for Stratamodel.