Norway's Safety Authority Okays Hydro's Use of Oseberg Sor J

On July 9, 2004, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) granted Norsk Hydro Produksjon a.s its consent to commence use of the Oseberg Sør J structure. Production will be routed to the Oseberg Sør installation. Start-up is planned for October.

Norsk Hydro applied in May 2004 for consent for start-up and operation of the Oseberg Sør J structure.

Oseberg Sør J consists of a subsea template structure with room for six wellheads. Four wellheads (two oil producers and two water injectors) are being commissioned now. The two remaining wellheads will be for future use.

Two pipelines will be connected from Oseberg Sør to the subsea structure, an 8" oil production flowline, an 8" water injection pipeline and the accompanying umbilicals. The umbilicals, which are buried, are 7 km long.

Injection water will be supplied from the Oseberg Sør installation.

Production from the J structure will be routed into the already existing production facilities on Oseberg Sør via the subsea template structure and pipelines up to the production manifolds.

Mechanical commissioning of the new equipment on the installation is expected to be complete by August 1, 2004.

The first well to start producing will be J-12H, an oil producer, with start-up scheduled for the beginning of October 2004.