NIOC Making Exploration Plans for Kish Island

"Preliminary seismographic information from Kish Island indicates the presence of an anticline in the region, but it should be explored to ascertain that it is cost-effective, said Mohammad Alizadeh Mohammadi, an official in National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC).

NIOC has launched plans to explore oil and gas in Kish Island. Alizadeh Mohammadi also noted that the anticline in Kish region is the continuation of anticlines in Fars region. "Varavi, Tabnak, Homa, Shanol and a new gas field recently discovered in Lavan Island are also continuations of the same anticline," he said.

Deputy Director of the company's exploration department referred to PC2000 seismography project in the Persian Gulf and around Kish Island. He further asserted that the region is projected to yield substantial gas reserves.