Almansoori Launches M/V Al Shaheen in the Middle East

Almansoori Production Services has launched their new Dynamic Positioning Class-2, Marine Well Test Vessel, the MV Al Shaheen. This Marine Well Test Vessel is the first in the region to provide the crucial advantage of 'dynamic positioning' to the oil and gas industry.

The MV Al Shaheen is under contract to ADMA-OPCO (Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company) who has contracted the vessel to monitor oil and gas production mainly in the Umm Shaif Field.

Mr. Housam El Houseiny, General Manager of Almansoori Production Services commented, "Almansoori Production Services is proud to introduce a new addition to our existing fleet of Marine Well Test Vessels. Since 1985 we have been supplying Well Test Vessels to our clients in order to provide reliable well data keeping in mind environmental concerns. M/V Al Shaheen newly built in 2004 is the first Dynamic Positioning (DP Class-2) Vessel in the region has been designed and built to work in sea heights of up to six feet maintaining its position with movements of less than a one meter radius. M/V mps Al Shaheen Production Testing Equipment has been designed to conduct production on Oil & Gas Wells with high H2S & CO2 Percentages. The Oil Production/ Testing Capability of the Vessel can reach to 15,000 BBL/day with re-injection facility using Oil Re-injection Pumps, Gas Production / Testing Capability of the Vessel can reach to 70 MMSCFD. These rates can be further increased/decreased according to the requirements and needs of the clients".

He continued, "The Test Vessel has the ability of testing offshore wells in fields which have been developed using single or multi-well jackets and allow full-scale production tests to be performed at remote offshore locations with the minimum rig-up time on location and easy removal to another location upon completion."

It is expected that the MV Al Shaheen MPS will be able to operate 300 days a year, which is a vast increase on the average of 160 days a year for traditional vessels carrying out the same function in the region. That increased monitoring of drilling sites will in turn greatly increase the production efficiency of the oil production company allowing them to save millions of dollars.

The MV Al Shaheen MPS is equipped with the latest technology for navigation and handling. She is expected to be at sea in a working environment for up to a year at a time, so every element of the vessel is built with redundancy. The state of the art facilities on board will allow the MV Al Shaheen MPS to operate as one of the most environmentally conscious oil supply service and supply vessels in the Middle East.