Woodside Abandons Indian-1 Well Offshore Australia

Woodside Energy reports that on July 27, 2004 anchors were being pulled on the Indian-1 exploration well located in the Exmouth Sub-basin.

Since the last report, the 8-1/2 inch hole section was drilled to a total depth of 2,316 meters, wireline logs were run, and the well was plugged and abandoned.

Preliminary log analysis indicates that the target Eskdale Member sands are water wet.

The Atwood Eagle semisub drilled the well. The well location is approximately 10 kilometers west southwest of the Stybarrow field. Water depth at the location is 981 meters.

All reported depths are referenced to the rig rotary table.

Joint venture participants in WA-271-P are Woodside Energy Ltd. (60%) and Mitsui E&P Australia Pty Limited (40%). The well is being drilled by BHP Billiton on behalf of the WA-271-P operator, Woodside Energy Ltd.