UK Government 'Short-Changes' Aberdeen

UK Government 'Short-Changes' Aberdeen
Conservative MP Ross Thomson calls for a second city deal for Aberdeen in a "startling admission that the UK government has short-changed the city", according to the SNP party.

Conservative MP Ross Thomson has called for a second city deal for Aberdeen in a “startling admission that the UK government has short-changed the city”, according to the SNP party.

“Ross Thomson has let the cat out of the bag – if the UK government hadn’t short-changed Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire in the City Deal then he wouldn’t need to ask for another one,” SNP MP, Kirsty Blackman, said in a statement sent to Rigzone.

“The Tories failed the North East in the Aberdeen City Region Deal – with the SNP Government providing the vast bulk of funding for it – and the Conservatives are also dragging their feet on providing any support for the North Sea industry,” she added.

The terms of the deal commit both the UK Government and Scottish Government to jointly invest up to $318 million (GBP 250 million), with Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council and local partners committed to investing up to $56 million (GBP 44 million) over the next decade.

A number of projects are included as part of the deal, including the Oil and Gas Technology Centre, a digital infrastructure fund and the proposed expansion of Aberdeen Harbour.


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David Murray  |  June 27, 2017
Point taken! but jobs have been cut in the thousands and there doesnt to be any media attention surrounding it. Its not the fat cat companys who suffer its the common working man.
Stuart Bremner  |  June 27, 2017
Hi Bob, I would really like you to quantify how Aberdeen has been rolling in it. Granted there would have been a lot of high paid workers in the area, but considering an extremely high percentage of these workers were transient, simply living in Aberdeen Monday to Friday and spending the majority of their money at home. Coupled with this the fact that all income tax returns from the higher average wage and corporation tax returns are centrally managed it would seem foolish to suggest Aberdeen was rolling in it
John Reynolds  |  June 26, 2017
Its farsical how the SNP always manage to spin things. Its their Scottish Government that has short changed the people of Aberdeen since they took control around a decade ago. Aberdeen is the lowest funded council in Scotland, which has 32 councils. If you look at the settlements and make a per capita comparison with Dundee (figure dont lie) and see how much Aberdeen has lost out on in the last 10 years its around £600,000,000. The SNP definitely have their favourites. Prior to the Scottish Government taking over responsibility for local authority funding from the UK Government, the city was treated much fairer, the opposite to what we see under our own parliament. Check the figure for yourself. The City Deal proportion the Scottish Government are responsible for needs to be looked at in depth and the question should be aimed at them rather than the UK Government. Is the £250,000 from the Scottish Government really new money?
Bob Littlechild  |  June 26, 2017
Aberdeen has had the money rolling into it for 40 years, and have squandered it. Now the oil is on its way out and revenue falling ,they now want financial help??? A bit too late I think. They should have thought about all of this when they were enjoying the prosperity.