Are Oil, Gas Workers Happy With Their Current Jobs?

Are Oil, Gas Workers Happy With Their Current Jobs?
A Rigzone poll on social media platform Twitter reveals worker happiness rates.

Only 34 percent of workers are happy with their current oil and gas employment, according to a Rigzone poll on social media platform Twitter.



From the 182 participants that took part in the poll, 13 percent revealed they were absolutely content with their job, with 21 percent reporting they were happy, albeit with some issues.

Twenty-four percent revealed they used to be happy with their jobs and 42 percent said they weren’t happy at all with their current employment.

The findings indicate a slight decrease in employee happiness, compared to a similar poll conducted by Rigzone in September last year.

The previous poll revealed that 15 percent were absolutely happy with their employment, with 20 percent reporting some issues.

Twenty-eight percent said they used to be happy and 37 percent revealed they were not happy at all with their jobs at the time.


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Ian Lai  |  June 22, 2017
Its rather difficult to be happy or contented in this current climate. While I am happy to be in work, it is nothing of what I want and need to do, its a far cry from offshore drilling. But to ensure food stays on the table, a roof over our heads, and some certifications stay in date until the day we take that chopper back out again. We do what we have to do.
KA  |  June 22, 2017
With reduced headcount, 1 person has got to do the job of 3, or 5. Management is constantly reminding you in subtle ways that you are lucky to still have a job, Here is another task on top of your 9999, I need this done yesterday. The work environment has changed, as everybody is fighting for their jobs. Closed door meetings are the norm. You heard stories of your peers walking away with large severance packages, while you are working 80-100 hr week, with reduced pay and increased workload. Dont get me wrong. I am bloody glad I still have a job. But i can understand why so many are unhappy.
FW  |  June 21, 2017
Boom and bust oil jobs do not appeal to new graduates. Oil companies used to be run by geologists and engineers. Now they are run by MBAs, attorneys and accountants. About 50,000 geologists and engineers will be retiring over the next ten years. This is a real big problem because the geology and engineering graduates do not view oil companies as stable entities. That is why new UT MS geology graduates are being offered $125,000 salaries with $25,000 signing bonuses with zero expereince.