Shell & Schlumberger Team Up to Develop Smart Fields

Shell International Exploration and Production BV and Schlumberger Information Solutions have established an alliance for research and development of next generation Smart Fields(TM) hydrocarbon development solutions.

A joint team will focus on developing real-time workflows to connect people, processes and technology involved with field development operational processes. Specifically, the alliance project will focus on the creation of new hydrocarbon development solutions that integrate the shared earth model with real-time production and drilling information in a risk-based distributed decision framework.

"The goal of the alliance is to create next generation business processes and enabling technologies that deliver radical improvements to oil & gas field development," said John Darley, director technology of Shell Exploration and Production. "This initiative is in line with our broader strategy of collaborating with external partners to accelerate the take-up of new technologies by the industry. By combining enabling technologies from Shell and partner organizations, we aim to accelerate the development of a range of commercially viable platforms, toolkits and resulting Smart Fields(TM) solutions."

Smart Fields(TM) will bring simple intuitive operational data access to decision makers, providing them with probabilistic and predictive insights that enable the alignment of operational performance with business objectives throughout the organization.

"This alliance will combine the extensive knowledge and experience of Shell and Schlumberger to address business and operational processes," said Peter Goode, president, SIS. "Through this process we will be able to develop real-time, ienabled solutions that improve the field development process and an operator's ability to drill better wells, produce more oil and gas, and increase reserves."

The new systems will enable information to be captured, analyzed and proactively used to enhance business performance through predictive risk-based decision-making.