PGS Completes Large 3D Survey in the UK North Sea

Petroleum Geo-Services ASA has successfully completed the industry's largest single source, High Density 3D (HD3D(TM)) seismic survey deploying a record breaking 16 streamer configuration by the Ramform Victory.

Petroleum Geo-Services' Ramform Victory, deploying a spread of 16 streamers, each 4,500 meters in length, shot this survey located in the Flotta Catchment Area of the UK North Sea. This represents the largest seismic survey ever (over 2,500 square kilometers) of 3D data acquired in a high density, single source mode. What makes this contract streamer survey data acquisition significant is the use of PGS' unique Ramform seismic technology, HD3D(TM). PGS and its HD3D(TM) technology can provide the industry with higher density seismic measurements while maintaining record levels of efficiency. For example, the time frame for this contract seismic survey, which began mid-March and was completed on schedule in August of this year, was comparable to conventional modern vessels in a traditional dual source acquisition mode.

Furthermore, the fact that the only time the "in-sea" seismic equipment was retrieved onboard the Ramform Victory during the 4-month time frame of this survey, conducted in the harsh conditions of the North Sea, was for demobilization at the end of the job in August, is a testament to the expertise of the crew and the advanced technology of the Ramform. Although still early in the data analysis process, first indications suggest that the new HD3D(TM) data shows substantial improvements compared to earlier less sophisticated data.

Diz Mackewn, president of PGS Geophysical, commented, "The introduction of such groundbreaking technology is a great step forward for marine seismic operations. We are delighted with the performance of the Ramform Victory and its now proven ability to deploy such massive configurations while maintaining the highest operational stability. We are also pleased to commend the onboard crew for a faultless safety performance throughout this survey. In addition, we are convinced that performances like this will accelerate the demand for high-tech single source surveys using HD3D(TM) technology."