Rock Solid Images Awarded Contract by Anadarko

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation has awarded an integrated special processing and reservoir characterization study for advanced lithology and fluid prediction to the Rock Solid Images and Odegaard strategic alliance.

In total three 3D seismic surveys are to be processed using the unique combination of technologies from Rock Solid Images and Odegaard. The processing will include careful well log preparation, attribute calculation through globally optimized seismic inversion of full stack and offset stack seismic data, attribute classification through neural network technology and finally attribute calibration for estimation of lithology and fluids.

Rock Solid Image's President Richard Cooper stated, "We are delighted that Anadarko has selected us for this project. By combining our technologies, Rock Solid Images and Odegaard are able to offer complete integration of seismic and borehole data using both deterministic and statistical inversion tools". Kim Gunn Maver, Managing Director of Odegaard added, "The combination of science available from our combined companies allows us to build robust reservoir models consistent with both our seismic and well-log data."

Both Rock Solid Images and Odegaard have for a number of years offered specialized technologies to the oil industry. The companies entered recently into a strategic alliance to provide a combined workflow of service and software solutions for attribute estimation, seismic inversion and rock properties work for exploration, exploitation and production to oil and gas companies worldwide.