Preventing Power Distribution System Failures

Preventing Power Distribution System Failures
DownstreamToday talks to Troy Coker of M&I Electric about power distribution trends at refineries and petrochemical plants

Oil refineries and petrochemical plants rely on a myriad of motors, pumps and other electrical-powered components in order to function safely and reliably. One weak link in a facility's power distribution system can trigger unplanned outages that can threaten employee and contractor safety, lead to environmental incidents and diminish productivity.

According to Troy Coker of Houston-based M&I Electric, a unit of American Electric Technologies, Inc., refinery and petchem plant owners appear to be taking a more proactive stance in regard to preventing power distribution system failures. Listen to the audio clip below for his insights.


DownstreamToday's Matthew Veazey chats with Troy Coker, vice president for North American sales with M&I Electric, about an essential part of an industrial facility: the power distribution system.

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