Schlumberger: New Technology to Optimize Vertical Drilling

Schlumberger Oilfield Services announced the introduction of its new PowerV rotary steerable system that automatically drills an optimized vertical well from spud to total depth.

The PowerV system can be run with minimal or no directional drilling supervision, and no measurement-while-drilling (MWD) system is required. It automatically corrects any deviation tendency. A simple inclination-only MWD or Schlumberger SlimPulse system can be used if confirmation is required. By using both surface and/or downhole power technologies, the PowerV system can be adapted to run on almost any rig. This technology integration provides an optimal performance vertical drilling solution.

"The PowerV system, with automatic steering and adaptability to almost any rig, make it a cost effective solution for all vertical drilling applications," said Paul Wand, business development manager for drilling technology, Schlumberger Oilfield Services.

The vertical drilling system permits optimal formation-based drill bit selection, and rate of penetration (ROP) is further optimized by using the best drilling parameters. The system does not interfere with normal drilling practices and can operate in temperatures up to 150 degrees C.

The newest member of the PowerDrive* family of rotary steerable systems, the PowerV vertical drilling system shares a unique characteristic. Every part of the drillstring rotates at the same speed, improving hole cleaning efficiency and wellbore quality and reducing lost-in-hole potential as well as mechanical and differential sticking. Its attributes ensure optimum penetration rates while maintaining vertical automatically for the duration of drilling until total depth is reached.