The CSO Deep Blue Has Commenced Operations in the Gulf of Mexico

Coflexip Stena Offshore announced that its new deepwater pipelay and subsea construction vessel, the CSO Deep Blue, has just commenced operations for the Williams Banjo/Seahawk project in the Gulf of Mexico after successful completion of her first mobilization at CSO's new spoolbase in Mobile, Alabama. The vessel is to install the Boomvang and Nansen fields deepwater export pipelines.

The CSO Deep Blue is to undertake the installation contract of the export pipelines from the Boomvang and Nansen fields, located in 3,600 feet of water in the East Breaks blocks 643 and 602, to a platform located in 365 feet of water in the Galveston area, block 244. The contract work scope for the vessel includes the installation of more than 100 miles of rigid pipeline and steel catenary risers (SCRs), with diameters ranging from 12" to 18", and tie-in to the fields SPAR platforms using SCRs.

The vessel started operating from CSO's newly established rigid pipe spoolbase in Mobile, after having successfully completed deepwater pipelaying trials in the Atlantic Ocean and in the North Sea. The base is intended to support her offshore pipelay and construction work in the Gulf of Mexico. It provides a facility for assembly, storage, spooling or loading of rigid pipelines prior to installation in deepwater by the two CSO reelships, CSO Deep Blue and CSO Apache.

Still operating in the ultra deepwaters of the Gulf of Mexico, the CSO Deep Blue will further demonstrate her unique and versatile pipelaying capabilities later in 2002 and 2003, working on NaKika for Shell, where she will install the deepest ever pipe-in-pipe system using the J-Lay solution, and the deepest ever fully reeled SCR as well as the deepest ever pipe-in-pipe SCR.

Pierre Marie Valentin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Coflexip Stena Offshore Group, stated: "We are proud to serve our clients in the US GoM deepwater area by mobilizing world class resources. Our new and unique vessel is now operating and I take this opportunity to pay tribute to all women and men who, within CSO, were deeply involved with this new-build strategic project, and particularly to the project team members. The CSO Deep Blue will help our clients reach new frontiers, and meet their development goals."

Tom Ehret, Chief Operating Officer of the Coflexip Stena Offshore Group, stated: "The significant projects already awarded to the CSO Deep Blue will further demonstrate CSO's global deepwater capabilities, of which she is a key element. She also provides a major platform for CSO's growth in the GoM strategic deepwater area. We are pleased to provide our clients with the most modern and powerful vessel of her kind, that CSO completed in a record three-year period, from design to operations."