Lexington Resources Acquires More Acreage in Oklahoma

Lexington Resources has acquired an additional 325 acres of gas target drillable acreage in the northeast portion of Hughes County, Oklahoma, in the vicinity of the approximate 4,600 acres of farm out leases under acquisition recently announced on June 30, 2004. Drilling targets that are included in the lease include Hartshorne and Booch Coal gas zones with a 100% Working Interest. The acquired lease is held by production. The Company is planning further horizontal Coal Bed Methane ("CBM") gas well development on these acquired lands.

Company President Grant Atkins states, "This land is part of the larger acquisition program we have undertaken to ensure high quality gas producing targets. We are confident that the additional drill targets it provides will result in the development of successful new gas wells."

The Company continues with the drilling of its Bryce #3-2 well located on its Wagnon lease in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma. The scientific, geophysical, geological, surface support, and drilling teams are the same as those previously utilized successfully by Lexington for its last two wells on the Wagnon Lease.