Royale Energy Makes Natural Gas Discovery

Royale Energy Inc. has successfully drilled the Victor Ranch 1-7 and 4-8 wells. The 1-7 well found one of the largest amounts of natural gas filled sands in Royale's East Rice Creek Field. Four different gas charged zones were encountered. Preliminary log analysis indicates that the two main pay zones in the well have 70 to 80 net feet of gas charged sands. The 4-8 well found two zones of gas pay that had a total of 5-10 net feet of gas charged sands. Although it is very difficult to predict the future production performance of these relatively thin Forbes gas sands, it is not uncommon for similar sands in this area to have significant aerial extent or to be connected to thicker sections of pay away from the wellbore. Royale's Victor Ranch 11 and 13 have been producing gas from very similar pay zones for over 11 and 7 years respectively. The company is drilling the Victor Ranch 1-9, which is currently at a depth of 2,700 feet and should reach total depth by the end of the week.