Schlumberger Introduces CT TComp System for Deepwater Ops

Schlumberger Oilfield Services announced the availability of its new industry-unique CT TComp* coiled tubing total compensation system for offshore.

The CT TComp system protects wellhead integrity during coiled tubing operations by limiting wellhead stresses and it compensates for vertical and horizontal wellhead motion inside or outside the derrick. It is faster to rig up than conventional systems and it enables operations on spar platforms and tension leg platforms (TLPs) that might not be possible with conventional systems.

To develop this new system, Schlumberger conducted a two-year field study, which included over 5,000 hours of operational data, to identify efficiency and safety issues that could be addressed by improving compensation equipment design and packaging. The study showed that 13–16% of the average 87 hours required for the rig-up and rig-down process could be eliminated, enabling significant savings.

"Based on our research, we saw the need to design a system that would change the way deepwater coiled tubing operations are conducted," said Warren Zemlak, business development manager of Coiled Tubing, Schlumberger Oilfield Services. "To improve operational safety and efficiency, the system comes preassembled and is available in three operating modes."

The CT TComp system can be used as a motion-compensated jacking frame, a 350-ton tension-lift frame or an internally compensated tension-lift frame. It comes assembled into only three skids: one each for the hydraulic power unit (HPU), BOP, and injector. The system requires fewer than half the minimum number of lifts required to load conventional equipment onto the platform.

The BOPs, flow cross, sidewinder, side-door stripper injector, and gooseneck are delivered to the platform preassembled within frames, in contrast with conventional systems that require each of those pieces to be assembled on site.

Virtually every feature of the CT TComp system is designed to save time and reduce costs in deepwater coiled tubing operations, including an adaptive passive system for wellhead stress management; a titanium flex joint for horizontal wellhead movement; and an injector trolley system and winches to permit simultaneous operations.

Since January 2000 Schlumberger has performed 128 deepwater coiled tubing operations in the Gulf of Mexico ranging from drill ships, semisubmersibles, TLPs and spars. CT TComp system is the latest addition to the Schlumberger coiled tubing solutions, which includes the CoilCAT* well site services, CT EXPRESS* rapid-deployment coiled tubing and CT SEAS* coil tubing for deepwater.