Halliburton Completes First MWD Gyro Service Test in GoM

Halliburton recently completed its first MWD (measurement-while-drilling) real-time gyro service field test on a well that was kicked off for an operator in the Gulf of Mexico. Previously, wireline gyro singleshots or steering tools were used to drill in the presence of magnetic interference. Because Halliburton's Evader™ MWD real-time gyro service effectively steered the well away from other wellbores without interruption by magnetic interference, the operator was able to avoid spending extra rig time previously associated with using a wireline tool.

Sperry-Sun, a product service line of Halliburton and the leader in reservoir deliverability, successfully performed the field test, which required the well to be kicked off and accurately steered away from two nearby wells, with its Evader™ MWD gyro service. The total footage drilled was more than 2,000 feet, with magnetic interference present for approximately half of the footage. The well path was within six feet of one of the nearby wells when they crossed. All of the footage was drilled without running the wireline gyro singleshot, thus reducing the HSE risks involved with having a wireline tool in the hole, reducing the risks of drilling without continuous directional data updates, and saving several hours of operation.

"The use of this real-time MWD service will help operators improve on the time required to drill the upper sections of platform wells, as well as reduce the risk of drilling into nearby wells, which can cause major production losses," said Brady Murphy, vice president, Halliburton Sperry-Sun. "The development of this tool fits Halliburton's mission statement of providing solutions in real time to meet our customers' needs. Because the Evader™ MWD gyro service is fully compatible with our Stellar® suite of MWD/LWD (logging-while-drilling) tools, full geological evaluation and directional analysis can be performed simultaneously to provide a complete solution for upper hole sections of platform work."

The Evader™ MWD gyro service is utilized in conjunction with Sperry-Sun's fleet of magnetic directional probes to simultaneously send up a magnetic survey and gyro survey at each pump cycle, as well as gyrosteering toolfaces for orientation while drilling. Its modular design allows it to be placed anywhere in the MWD/LWD string, including on the bottom to receive directional information as close to the bit as possible. The tool underwent extensive testing prior to this job. It will be available in 6-3/4-, 8-, and 9½-inch collar sizes.

Elmer Sperry, one of Sperry-Sun's founders, developed the gyrocompass, which, unlike other compasses, was not affected by the magnetism of the earth and became extremely useful in ocean navigation. From the gyrocompass, Sperry developed the gyropilot for steering ships and the automatic gyropilot for stabilizing airplanes.