Experts from DMT Searching for Natural Gas in the Allgaeu

On commission of OMV (Bavaria) Exploration GmbH, Deutsche Montan Technologie GmbH (DMT) is carrying out seismic work in the Oberallgaeu, Germany, in order to discover underground reserves of gas. Measuring work in the Kempten area will start in the middle of July 2004 and according to all expectations will last for between three and four months. The order is worth several million Euro.

The area to be explored covers 215 square kilometers. In the measuring area, DMT is using an environmentally-friendly measuring method, so-called vibration seismology. In this process, special vibrator vehicles transmit soft pressure waves from the surface into the earth. The reflections from below the surface are then measured and analysed. "Altogether ten of these vehicles will be used. We will cover around 21,500 vibration points and create more than 17,200 active measuring points at a distance of between 25 and 50 metres. Our geophones are located at these measuring points, in order to detect reflected vibrations from underground", describes DMT Project Manager René Pool. The specialists put together a three-dimensional image of the subsoil and in this way can determine where there may be possible reserves of gas.

In specialist circles vibration seismology is considered a "soft technology" which benefits nature and those in the vicinity, as generally speaking neither borings nor blasting is carried out. "Orders like these confirm the confidence of clients in DMT as a partner with technically high-value performance at competitive prices", summarizes Pool.