Parker Rig 22J Leaves Shipyard

Parker Drilling Company has completed the major refurbishment program and the five-year inspection of its jackup rig 22J. The rig is on location at South Timbalier block 24 on a new 90-day contract with Chevron.

Rig 22J entered the AMFELS shipyard in January 2001 for repairs and upgrades. In addition to conducting U.S. Coast Guard and American Bureau of Shipping five-year inspections, Parker upgraded the rig's solids control handling system, increased the load capacity of the cantilever system, overhauled the jacking motors and pinions and renewed the coating system on the legs, and refurbished the living quarters.

"Every major piece of equipment on the rig was either overhauled or replaced," said Denis J. Graham, Vice President of Engineering. "We're pleased to have 22J back to work for our customers. This upgrade program will enable us to continue providing the excellent level of service that customers associate with our company."