LEDPoint PRS Reaches Million-Hours of Offshore Operations

AMGas eclipsed the million-hours of operation with the LEDPoint PRS, with no un-revealed failures in hostile offshore environments! That's an MTBF of over 100 years.

The LEDPoint PRS is a pellistor replacement infra-red flammable gas detector, designed and manufactured by AMGas, the sinter free sensor solution people. The inventor of the LEDPoint PRS and founder of AMGas is Dr Allen Mabbitt.

Dr. Mabbitt, was quoted saying, "The million hour barrier is a very important milestone for us to reach and demonstrates a true reference list of major offshore exploration and production users including and amongst others; Centrica, Shell, BP and ExxonMobil"

Dr. Mabbitt also added, " The LEDPoint PRS is a sinter free sensor solution and as such there are no un-revealed failures, no sinters to block and the LEDPoint PRS features error reporting. Our units have been installed in offshore locations and run through all four season with the associated environmental conditions"

The LEDPoint PRS can be used to replace existing Pellistor or Catalytic type flammable gas sensors, without the need to change the original control cards. The LEDPoint PRS offers significant improvements in safety, as well as reliability and lower maintenance and operations costs.