Transmeridian Announces Preliminary Logging Results on SA-5

Transmeridian Exploration reports that logging results from the South Alibek No. 5 well in Kazakhstan indicate the presence of significant oil pay. Oil bearing reservoir zones have been identified in both the KTI and KTII carbonate formations based on the preliminary interpretation of logging data and available core samples taken during the drilling of the well. Testing will begin this month in the upper KTII. The well is located midway between SA-1 and SA-2, which are 1.5 miles apart, and all three wells are located along the eastern boundary of the South Alibek Field.

Drilling Operations Update

Well SA-5, which was spud on March 8th, has reached total depth of approximately 12,500 feet. The well penetrated all the major productive intervals targeted for this well, which are currently under test in the field. Schlumberger was contracted for the open hole log acquisition and the processing and evaluation was completed utilizing Schlumberger's proprietary ELAN(1) analytical software. Based on evaluation of the logs, the well encountered approximately 380 feet of apparent net pay over four intervals in the KTII, and approximately 160 feet in the KTI. Production casing has been set in preparation for the well testing program. The drilling rig will remain on location temporarily to speed up the testing work.

The first zone to be tested will be the same reservoir currently in production in SA-1. A perforation of 40 feet within a gross pay thickness of 283 feet is initially planned. After flow stabilization, additional perforations within this zone are planned, to be followed by acid stimulation, and the well will be placed on long term production testing. Additional zones could be tested later but it is presently believed that this would require dual completion for optimized production rates from the multiple zones.

Well SA-17 is drilling within the KTI and is currently at a depth of approximately 8,000 feet, with a total target depth of approximately 13,000 feet. This well is a replacement well for No. 29, a well drilled prior to the Company's acquisition of the field which was abandoned due to mechanical downhole problems.

The future location for the Company's sixth well in the South Alibek Field, SA-3, is prepared and the drilling rig will be moved to this location when released from the SA-5. The SA-3 is located approximately half a mile southwest from SA-17.

Management Comments

"We are delighted with the speed of drilling and the quality of this well bore for completion as a productive well," commented Bruce Falkenstein, Vice President Exploration & Geology, "and contractor logging quality has been improved in this turnkey well by using Schlumberger for the logging and evaluation services. The use of one contractor for this work should have long term benefits to the Company as we develop our reservoir models for the field development planning." SA-5 is the second well drilled under turnkey drilling contract with Great Wall of China Drilling Company, and benefited from an improved drilling mud program.

The Company maintains its operational forecast of 7 wells drilled and completed by year end. Initial testing of SA-5 should begin this week along with placing the main producing zones of SA-2 on long term production test. SA-4 will be completed in the KTI interval later this month when acid and perforating equipment arrive on site. This is significant as SA-4 will be the only well in the area completed in this interval.

Lorrie T. Olivier, CEO of Transmeridian, commented, "This has been a technical and operational challenge, but I believe we now have the formula to move ahead with the ambitious drilling and development program we have set for ourselves. Our people have performed well and overcome the challenges presented by these complicated reservoirs. We expect to finish the month with four wells producing and we have installed the facilities to move the oil to export markets by rail. Our drilling program is on schedule and we remain confident in the opportunity presented by the South Alibek Field."