Sondex & Tucker Energy Form Downhole Tool Alliance

Sondex and Tucker Energy have forged an alliance to jointly develop an advanced acoustic tool for use in new and existing wells.

Tool development work will be primarily completed at Sondex's Calgary facilities in Canada. Prototype units are programmed for delivery before the end of 2004.

Operators will be able to combine the tool with other Sondex sensors for formation and other evaluations.

The joint project cements a long-lasting relationship between the two companies. Tucker, with its primary engineering group based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is an established customer of Sondex, operating the full range of Sondex products throughout the Western Hemisphere. Both companies have significant research and development teams that will contribute to the downhole tool project.

"We are delighted to be joining Tucker in this project," commented Martin Perry, chief executive of Sondex. "We recognize that each company is capable of developing the tool on its own but we also know that by combining our expertise and funding we can bring this important tool to the market in the shortest time."

Monty Ravlich of Tucker Wireline added: "Although the development work will be centred on Sondex's Calgary facilities, Tucker will be playing a full part in this collaborative project, especially in the areas of primary engineering work and tool modelling."

Sondex's research and development for this project will primarily be conducted at its Calgary facility, which was established following the acquisition of Computer Sonics Systems Inc. in December 2003.

As part of its further expansion, Sondex – with headquarters in Hampshire, England – has just completed the acquisition of Geolink International for £31.5 million. Geolink, based in Aberdeen, Scotland, is a specialist designer, manufacturer and supplier of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD) downhole technology.