Blackhawk Expands Cementing Tool Technology Portfolio

Blackhawk Special Tools LLC has expanded its cementing tool technology offerings with the addition of the new UltraSeal auto-fill float equipment and new sizes for the Blackhawk Single and Dual Dart-Released Plug system.

The company reported Wednesday that the UltraSeal would maximize cement column height for increased well safety and regulatory compliance. Designed to address problems encountered during running and cementing tight-tolerances of 9-5/8 inches and larger casing/liner strings, the UltraSeal is fully PDC drillable.

The large internal diameter through the valves and ball seat will allow not only for maximized running speeds, but reduces surge pressures, which will decrease costly mud loss and improve well control, the company said in a July 6 press release. The increased running speed can result in significant rig time savings.

Fully PDC drillable refers to the composition of the drilled materials, Jim Martens, chief operating officer with Blackhawk, told Rigzone in an email statement. PDC bits have some tolerance for metallic components such as aluminum or brass bit, but it is not preferred.

“In this case, we engineered the UltraSea Autofill Float Equipment from composites which can be easily drilled without damaging the PDC bit,” Martens explained. “The state of the art composites is rapidly changing and we were able to source material that provides us with the very high performance and reliability.”

The Dual Wiper Plug substantially increases cement slurry integrity by providing a fluid barrier on each end of the cement slurry while the cement is pumped through the casing.

Blackhawk has continued to develop more sizes of the Dual Wiper Plug System tool, but has retained the original designs, Martens stated, adding that the system has been successfully run in the Gulf of Mexico more than 100 times.

The surge and tight tolerance conditions found in offshore wells have existed for many years and is geology dependent, Martens said. The role of current market conditions is such that the customers are closely evaluating each operation for value.

“By being flexible and reactive to this changing market, Blackhawk can now provide more services with less personnel on the rig and change the value equation. Furthermore, by providing a system approach, we can insure that all components are compatible, increasingly reliability,” Martens explained.


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