METITO Wins South Pars Gas Field Wastewater Project

METITO, the international water, wastewater treatment and desalination experts, has won a major AED 20 Million contract in the massive South Pars Gas Field Development in Assaluyeh, Iran.

METITO will install a major industrial system for phases 6, 7 and 8 of the gas field development and it will be one of the biggest projects ever secured by the company in Iran.

The client of this project is an international joint venture with TOYO and JGC of Japan, the Industrial Development and Renovation Organisation (IDRO) of Iran, Daelim of Korea. The packages deliverable under the terms of the contract are industrial wastewater treatment, demineralization and condensate deoiling systems.

Bassem Halabi, Group Business Development Director at METITO Overseas Ltd., said, 'This is the world's biggest natural gas development, and the awarding of these phases make it our biggest project in the gas sector in Iran to date in terms of value. The size and complexity of such a project generates significant demand for the effective treatment of a wide range of industrial wastewaters and highly pure water to ensure the efficient running of gas field technology.

'METITO is very proud to be taking such an important role on this world-class project, especially having won two significant contracts earlier at South Pars. A project of this size will eventually have around 30 phases, and we are confident we can apply our international technical and operational expertise to other elements of the South Pars project.

' One element of the project involves the treatment of different kinds of industrial wastewater products created by the project, and these include treating oily wastewater, chemical wastewater, sewage, sour water, biological and spent caustic.

The creation of a demineralization facility includes the setting up of a mixed bed ion exchanger. This unit will provide purified water for process use as well as for boiler feed applications.

A condensate-deoiling unit will be installed with a capacity of 3 x 135 cubic meters per hour. This highly specialised unit removes hydrocarbons from highly pure water enabling the treated condensate to be fed to the boilers.

It is believed that the South Pars Gas Field holds an estimated 6.8 per cent of the world's total gas reserves. Onshore gas treatment facilities developed by Iran allow for the creation of a number of petrochemical plants for the production of a number of different by-products.

Other major industrial treatment plant projects undertaken by METITO include the Kertih Aromatics Plant and Melaka Refinery in Malaysia, and the Thai Lube Base and National Fertilizer Company Plant in Thailand.

As the leading international company in its field, METITO currently operates its European, Asian and African operations from its regional headquarters in Sharjah and has a factory and laboratory facility in the Hamriya Free Zone. Work recently started on the company's new global AED50 million headquarters at Techno Park in Dubai. When completed, the facility, built on an area of 500,000 square feet, will house 500 engineers, scientists and executives in this strategic location off the main highway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.