C & C Technologies and Woodside Sign AUV Contract

C & C Technologies, Inc. and Woodside Mauritania Pty Ltd. recently signed a West Africa autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) survey contract. The two-week project entails a pipeline route survey from Banda to the Chinguetti development and an additional site survey for the Tiof Development. During the survey, C & C's AUV will collect sub-bottom profiler, side scan sonar and high-resolution multibeam bathymetry data in water depths up to 1400 meters.

Since becoming operational in February 2001, C & C has performed more than 32,000 kilometers of deep-water surveys on 63 different global AUV projects. "Because of our AUV experience, C & C dominates this small market worldwide," said Thomas Chance, President of C & C. "At 94 percent uptime, the data is fantastic, our clients are happy, and our crews are happy."