Oilexco Begins Phase Two Drilling in U.K. North Sea

Oilexco has commenced its second phase of the block 15/25b appraisal drilling program located in the Outer Moray Firth of the United Kingdom North Sea. Drilling operations using the Transocean mid-water semi-submersible J.W. McLean have started on 15/25b-10, Oilexco's next appraisal well at the "Brenda" oil find. This new well is the fourth appraisal well (the sixth appraisal borehole inclusive of sidetracks) drilled by Oilexco at Brenda. The first three appraisal wells -- 15/25b-6, 15/25b-8 and 15/25b-9, and two sidetrack boreholes -- 15/25b-9z and 15/25b-9y at Brenda, appraised an undeveloped discovery made in 1990 at 15/25b-3. The bottom-hole location of 15/25b-10 is 1.2 kilometers northwest of 15/25b-9 and two kilometers west of 15/25b-8.

The 15/25b-10 well is the first well of the second phase of Oilexco's Brenda appraisal program to be drilled under a four-well drilling contract with Transocean, consisting of one firm well and three option wells. Oilexco has identified additional appraisal locations designed to define the limits and ultimate reserves at Brenda. Oilexco's interest in the Brenda oil find is 100 percent.